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Hate U

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What will you smell first?

What’s in it?
Peach, Amaretto, Lime, Banana, Papaya, Mango, Pear, Green Leaves, Tonka Bean

Our Hate U scent captures the sweet aroma of delectable peach rings. Immerse yourself in the irresistibly sweet aroma, a nostalgic journey back to your favorite childhood treat. This carefully crafted candle is more than a fragrance; it's a sensory experience, transporting you to a paradise of fond memories. Envelop your space in the delightful fragrance of juicy, ripe peaches. Elevate your Valentine's Day or any day with our Hate U candle—available now to add a touch of love and nostalgia to your special moments.

The Hate U candle features rude or mean sayings on conversation hearts! Please refrain from purchasing this as a gift for someone, unless your intention is to end your relationship with the recipient! We cannot be held responsible for any relationships that may be adversely affected. 


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