Shipping Policies

Shipping policy

Orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible, and generally shipped out within 1-3 business days after an order is placed. Orders are shipped out daily Monday - Friday. There will be occasional exceptions and delays to the order processing sickness, worldwide pandemics, etc. Orders will be shipped out via the customer selected shipping method. If you would like your order shipped out via a different method than what is listed on the site, please send us an email at before your order is shipped out, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Candle and Wax Melt Information


9 oz. glass candle:

Our 9 oz. candle comes in a hexagon glass jar. You can expect *45+ hours of burn time from your candle with proper care and maintenance.

Because all of our candles are handmade, we cannot guarantee that they will look exactly like the photo. The color and dice placement will vary slightly. You will get  random dice with random numbers, but you are always guaranteed a natural 20 on top of your candle.


8 oz. candle:

You can expect a burn time of *25-40 hours. There are no dice and no dye in our tin candles.


4 oz. candle:

You can expect a burn time of *15-20 hours. They are no dice and no dye in our tin candles.


Snap Bars:

Our snap bars include 1.8 ounces of wax. 

Wax Dice Melts:

Our dice wax melts come with 7 dice, and approximately 1.6 ounces of wax

(Each die is hand glittered on each side of the die)


We recommend starting with one piece of the snap bar/ dice and then adding another piece each time you would like to refresh the scent.


All of our candles are handmade so you can expect each candle to vary slightly. This applies to the color of the dice, placement of the dice, and the wax seal. 

* Burn times are approximate and may vary based on maintenance and altitude.